Crinkled paper with "rejected" written across

Have you ever had this happen to you?

You finally come up with a good date idea and so you decide to give that girl (or guy for you ladies out there) you’ve been eying a call.  After hours of deliberating you finally stoke yourself up enough to pick up the phone and make the call.  Your heart is pounding.  You check the number, for the third time.  It takes all the effort you can in order to push the numbers on the phone pad.  After entering the phone number you check again just to make sure you have the number entered in correctly.  After stoking yourself up some more you finally press the send button…it rings once and you immediately hang up.  What if she says no?

Rejection is a common fear among people everywhere.  We are afraid that the girl (or guy) we are calling is going to say no.  We are afraid that the person on the other side of the door we are tracting isn’t going to be interested.  We are afraid to ask Dad for a raise in our allowance, the grocer for a discount, or our friends to hear the gospel.  All because of the possibility of rejection.

I believe that rejection is something that we make up in our head.  Even if the girl does say no we aren’t any worse off: we didn’t have a hot date for Friday night before we made the phone call, and we still don’t have a date after the phone call.  The person behind the door wasn’t a member before we knocked and they aren’t a member after we knocked.  Now I am not saying that it doesn’t hurt a little to get rejected or that getting turned down is easy; however, I am suggesting that we let rejection deter us far too often.

I see this fear most often among fellow Saints who are afraid of sharing the gospel.  Sharing the gospel is like trying to pass out $100 bills.  The gospel is definitely more valuable than those $100 in terms of blessings and the eternities–the gospel definitely makes us happier than that $100 can.  If you walked up to your friend and offered them $100 and they didn’t take it, you’d be no worse off.  If you offer the gospel to someone and they tell you that you are not interested, you know that you just offered them something more valuable than $100 and if they don’t think they need it then you just offer it to someone else.  No problem, no harm, and no worse off!

Keep in mind that when you are inviting your friends to learn more about the gospel you are not inviting them to join your club; you are inviting them to feel the peace and joy that you feel.  You are inviting them to come to know their Savior, Jesus Christ, better.  You are inviting them to feel the joy and blessings that comes from a righteous life.  This is the reason we share what is so deeply personal to us!

In any case, I encourage you to reject this idea of rejection and “fear not” as the scriptures admonish us—share the gospel, keeping in mind that you don’t have to teach your friends because that is the missionaries’ job.  So what do you think?


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2 Responses to “Rejection”

  1. Fancy Says:

    I know I have a hard time dealing with this whole idea of rejection. But sharing the gospel is one of those that doesn’t have to fall under that category when we share it and it isn’t accepted. As long as you don’t push people to accept the gospel then most people understand that you are sharing something that is important to you. The person you are sharing your thought or idea with probably doesn’t even view it as rejecting you, they may just be content with what they have and simply aren’t interested. So if the other person doesn’t view it as rejecting you and aren’t mad at you for sharing it, then we shouldn’t feel rejected or sad or mad because it wasn’t received exactly how we planned. Thanks for getting me thinking J. I enjoyed the post!

  2. Melissa Elizabeth Says:

    I really appreciated this post 🙂 In Fast and Testimony meeting this past Sunday, my friend Buddy said while giving her testimony, “Every member is a missionary…the Gospel is the greatest and most precious gift I could I ever give to anyone.” And it’s true! We have this wonderful thing! It’s the best of gifts and everyone I know loves to give people gifts.

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