“[A]ll the multitude, with one accord, did go forth”

A crowd of people looking on at something not in the frame

When the Savior appeared to the people in the New World (as recorded in The Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 11-30), He taught them His gospel.  After what must have been a very long day of teaching (I imagine the people might have felt similar to the way you feel at the end of a conference or a seminar where your brain is stuffed and it feels like you just can’t put anything else in), Jesus tells them to go home and ponder on the things that He taught and that He would return and teach them some more (see 3 Ne 17:1-4).

How would you feel, after having waited all your life for the coming of the Savior to have Him appear and teach you?  How would you feel if He then told you that He was leaving?

I don’t know about you, but I would be sad to see Him go–and I would want Him to stay longer.  That is exactly what happened (see 3 Ne 17:5).  Our loving Savior looked around Him and realized that they wanted Him to stay–and so He felt compassionate on these people and, I imagine, wanted to help alleviate their suffering.  As He always does, and still does today, He then asked the multitude of people (around 2,500 of them) to bring forth their sick and afflicted.

I love what the Book of Mormon says happened next:

And it came to pass that when he had thus spoken, all the multitude, with one accord, did go forth with their sick and their afflicted…and he did heal them every one as they were brought forth unto him.  And they did all, both they who had been healed and they who were whole, bow down at his feet, and did worship him… (3 Ne 17:9-10)

In my mind’s eye, I picture an old man, frail with age, blind and lame, being lead by his son to the feet of Jesus and Jesus healing him.  What effect do you think that would have on the old man?  What effect do you think that would have on the son?  I also picture a worried father, carrying an infant who has a rare disease, timidly approaching the Savior, full of hope that his child will be healed.  I picture a sister, who has labored long to help provide for her family, leading a loved sibling who is deaf to the Master and witnessing that miraculous healing.  I imagine a host of these types of stories–and one by one Jesus heals them.  The crowd of those who were healed, and those dear to them who lead them to the Savior, grows but slowly gives way as each individual is brought forth and healed.  One by one it happens.  The afflicted are healed.  The individuals who witness these miracles are touched.  Joy unites families as they rejoice in the workings of our Redeemer.  Tearfully, husbands and wives, children and parents, embrace at this miracle.  Can you also see it?  What are the expressions on the faces of those in this crowd?  How do they feel?  For those who are healed, how do they feel about our Savior?  How do they feel about those that brought them to the Savior?

Our Savior lives and heals today.  His healing power isn’t in the superficial and temporary healing of physical ailments–though indeed He still does that.  In our day, we witness this miracle as individuals are brought, one by one, to the knowledge of our Redeemer.  Both those that are brought and those that do the bringing rejoice together (see D&C 18:10-16) over this modern-day miracle.

I love our Savior.  I want to be one of those who does the bringing.  I want to bring and bring and bring.  I know that He heals us, spiritually, and helps us return to our Father in Heaven.  He can and will heal you!

What are your thoughts?


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