Adam fell….

a puzzle piece that has a smiley face on it

What is joy?  The dictionary defines it as a feeling of great happiness or to make glad.  What brings you joy?

In The Book of Mormon we read, “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.” (2 Ne 2:25).  In other words, the primary result of Adam’s fall is so that we can find joy–which is our purpose in this life.

Earlier in the same chapter we learn about the importance of opposition and of choice (see 2 Ne 2:11-13).  I believe that having these two principles juxtaposed in this manner leads us to the conclusion that happiness is a choice (and, consequently, so is misery).  Adam’s fall gave us agency and we can choose.  Do you believe that you can choose happiness?  Or does happiness just happen to you?

Every morning I wake up and I have a choice–I choose to make that day my best day and to bring myself happiness.  I choose to greet everyone with a smile and sincerely inquire about their day.  I choose to encounter each obstacle or each challenge with my best and “come what may and love it.”  So choose today to find joy!



3 Responses to “Adam fell….”

  1. Fancy Says:

    I believe that Happiness is very much a choice. My senior year of high school I had a friend who told me that I came off as a very negative person and that I complained a lot. I also was dealing with depression and other sorts of issues that can be very common for a teenager. After this friend made this comment I realized that thats not what I wanted and made a conscience effort to be more positive and happy with the things I did and said. The result was amazing! I was a happier person, I felt better about myself and enjoyed the things that I did more. I defiantly would debate with any one that happiness is indeed a choice, and the best one you can make! 😀

  2. Melanie Brown Says:

    I believe that Joy comes in small moments. I said to a friend once.. do you find joy when you watch your daughter play with your puppy? and of course his reply was yes. So if you watch your daughter play with the puppy and ENJOY it for 2 minutes you obtain two minutes of joy. What if you watched her play with the puppy for 15 minutes… I would get 15 minutes of JOY !!
    So my conclusion is we get Joy when we notice what brings us joy and we stop to appreciate , take time to be in those Joyful moments!!!

    SO ENJOY!!

    • findingthebest Says:

      I totally agree—sometimes we get too caught up in busy-ness to enjoy the joyful moments. Wouldn’t life be better if we took the time to find those joyful moments more often?

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