Easy Ways to Be a Missionary

Two Mormon missionaries talking to a lady and her child

What does it mean to be a missionary?  Do you have to knock on people’s doors or share a copy of The Book of Mormon to be considered a missionary?  What is your perception of missionary work?

I have assembled a list of at least 52 different ways that you can help share the gospel, one for each week of the year.  Please look over this list and find a way to help you share your testimony and share with me your own ideas too!

Member Missionary Motivation

  • Explore www.mormon.org and discover what this website has to offer your friends
  • Prepare now to teach and testify about simply gospel truths so that when your friends ask questions, you’ll be prepared
  • Study the doctrines of Restoration and Exaltation
  • When you are asked to speak in church, invite your friends to hear your “sermon”
  • Prepare a 10 minute lesson on the Restoration
  • Post Mormon Messages (from lds.org) on your social networking page (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Pray for specific missionary experiences
  • Invite your friends to hear your sermon when you are asked to speak in church
  • Take your friends to a nearby Church site
  • Invite your friends to a ward activity or fireside
  • Share a copy of The Book of Mormon with your testimony written in it
  • Invite your friends over to dinner on a Monday night and have them stay for FHE—have the lesson on either the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, or the principles of Eternal Families
  • Give away The Family: A Proclamation as a wedding gift
  • Gain a more sure testimony of The Book of Mormon by studying it daily and praying for a stronger testimony
  • Fellowship a new or returning member
  • Introduce yourself to people you don’t know at church
  • When asked by your coworkers how the weekend went (or what you have planned for the weekend) don’t forget to include what you learned at church or what you will be doing at church
  • Be a good example.  You don’t know who is watching you, so set a good example in all your interactions so that those who are watching you will know what it means to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Openly live your religion—don’t be shy about who you are
  • When your friends ask about the gospel, answer their questions in simple ways (don’t overwhelm them with information).  For example, if they ask why you don’t drink, don’t go on a deluge talking about the Doctrine and Covenants, the School of the Prophets, Emma Smith, etc, etc, etc.  Simply explain the Word of Wisdom and share how you feel about it.  This will help your friend to feel comfortable asking you questions about the Church and will hopefully maintain their interest.
  • Pray for specific individuals to receive the gospel
  • Ask the missionaries for help to develop a personal mission plan
  • Invite a friend to receive the missionary discussions in your home
  • Invite a friend to Institute or Seminary
  • Hang a church poster at school or work
  • Carry a Book of Mormon with you and read it openly
  • Invite a friend to church with you
  • Make and keep a goal to share your testimony a specific number of times in the next 2 months
  • Attend the temple, seeking guidance on how to be a better member missionary
  • Fast for missionary opportunities
  • Have the missionaries over for dinner and invite a friend to join you
  • Remember to live what you believe!  Don’t be ashamed of your beliefs and don’t feel like you are putting someone else out by being strong in your faith.  It is okay if those around you know that you are a “mormon” and it is okay if they see you sticking to your convictions.  Never be afraid of doing what is right–even if it feels like you are standing alone.  Go forth and do good works!
  • I’ve got a really easy way to be a missionary this week: go on to www.mormon.org and create a profile.
  • Share a pass along card with someone
  • Ask the missionaries if you can accompany them one evening, even if they have nothing planned—make sure to schedule a specific time
  • Share a church DVD with a friend or invite a friend over to watch a church DVD in your home
  • Study the doctrine of Missionary Work
  • Use Preach My Gospel in your personal study or as part of your FHE lessons
  • Ponder ways in which you would feel comfortable sharing the gospel
  • Ask Heavenly Father for a stronger desire to be a  missionary and seek to strengthen your testimony of the gospel
  • Study scriptures that teach about the Plan of Salvation
  • Be more open about what you believe while at school or at work
  • Seek opportunities to teach your friends mini-lessons on gospel principles
  • Include church topics as posts to your Facebook page or blog
  • Find out who needs a friend at church and befriend them
  • Read the conference talks on missionary work for your personal scripture study
  • Prepare a list of Faith, Family, Facts, and Fruits (see Elder M. Russell Ballard’s talk “Faith, Family, Facts, and Fruits” from October 2007 General Conference)
  • Don’t feel afraid to answer your friends questions about gospel topics—if you don’t know the answer you can tell them that you don’t know and then do the research or ask the missionaries for help
  • Look for opportunities to serve in your community and don’t be afraid of sharing what you know
  • Read “Our Search for Happiness” from the missionary library and share a copy with a friend
  • Study the new “Gospel Principles” manual and teach your friends
  • Stretch yourself—go outside your comfort zone to share the gospel
  • Pray for guidance, then act upon the promptings you receive

What are your thoughts?


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